Open position Finance and Funding

Closing date Friday November 27th

We are currently looking for another volunteer to join the Soapbox team. We are specifically looking for help with our finances, including fundraising and some accounting. In addition to carrying out the tasks described below, board members meet weekly to discuss all aspects of Soapbox. Being a Soapbox member means you have a say in how the publication is run. All team members are welcome to weigh in on editorial decisions and to take part in any aspects of publishing (both online and in print).

The main tasks for this role would include:

  • Keeping an overview of Soapbox’ finances.
  • Keeping track of budget needs.
  • Looking for potential sources of funding.
  • Researching grants, bursaries, sponsorships.
  • Delegating grant proposal writing/applications across the team when needed.
  • Communicating with our Distribution person about income from journal sales.
  • Once a year: look for advertisers for on the print journal. 
  • Coordinating with Distribution for invoicing (with bookshops, customers, etc.).
  • Occasionally paying invoices from the Soapbox bank account.

Because Soapbox is still very young, we expect the new team member to approach their responsibilities with initiative and creativity. We hope that developing Soapbox financially will contribute to making its organisation sustainable in the long run.

In general, the time commitment expected is no more than 4 hours/week. This is an unpaid position. 

If you are interested in joining Soapbox, please send us a motivation expressing your interest to [email protected] Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding this position.