About Us

Soapbox is an open-access platform for cultural analysis, run by graduate students based in Amsterdam.

The website and each biannual issue give the floor to students, PhDs and young researchers (curators, artists, etc.). We publish forward-thinking, experimental, and interdisciplinary work on a broad range of cultural artefacts, concepts and phenomena within the humanities. As well as providing a route to publication, both platforms showcase and adapt for a wider audience the existing work of cultural analysis and other humanities students, in the Netherlands and beyond.

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Current Board

Alice Rougeaux – Editor & Administration
Lijuan (Lu) Klaßen – Editor & Event Planning
Andrea Finesso –  Co-editor, Funding & Finance
Ohad Ben Shimon – Co-editor, Journal Distribution
Savanna Breitenfellner – Co-editor, Administration & Recruitment
Lynn Gommes – Co-editor, Editorial Manager
Kimberly Peuling – Co-editor & Online Content Coordinator
Darrin Gonzales – Co-editor & Online Content Coordinator

Online Content Editors

Cas Bezemer
Faith Hardman
Megan Husain
Hannah Salih
Simoni Stergioula
Silvia Vari
Pip Weytingh

Former & Founding Board 

Zoë Dankert 
Laura Pannekoek 
Callum McLean 
Isobel Miller 
Céline Hürzeler 
Calvin Duggan 
Laura van den Bergh 
Noura Borggreven 
Erica Moukarzel 
Hannah Pezzack 

Additional thanks to Roselinde Bon for web development and administration.

Soapbox is able to publish thanks to the support of the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis, the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, the Arts & Culture and Literary Studies departments of the University of Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam University Fund