As well as publishing a variety of content on this website, Soapbox prints a biannual research journal.

1.1 ‘Practices of Listening’

Our first, themed, issue was about practices of listening. We also published ‘Listening’-related articles online – please pitch your own articles by emailing web[at]soapboxjournal[dot]com.

1.2 ‘Off the Grid’

For this second issue – launched in November 2019 – we asked for contributions based on the theme ‘Off the Grid’. As above, if you are interested in contributing content related to this theme for our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2.1 To be Announced

The theme, as well as the Call for Papers, for the next issue of Soapbox will be announced early December 2019.

Peer review & editorial process

All abstracts received for publication in our print journal are selected blind. Following selection, authors’ full submissions go through an extensive reviewing, editing and proofing process. For the first redrafting stage, at least one external peer reviewer is allocated to each paper – usually an expert from a related field – offering guidance on content (also blind). During this and all remaining stages, two or more editors from our editorial board (and/or extended pool of editors) work on papers together with the authors, over two or more rounds to improve clarity and focus of argumentation, structure and expression. Finally, all finished articles are proofread by our editorial board.

Soapbox offers rigorous editorial support to our authors. Doing so, we aim to allow young researchers – who might be new to the publication process – to produce a solid and authoritative piece of work.