Contribute to Printed Issue

Our editorial is currently wrapping up our upcoming issue titled Contamination. Our next call for papers will be published towards the end of October/beginning of November. As soon as the new theme is known, we will share it via our website and our different channels (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

Writers and artists are still encouraged to submit work related to the notion of contamination to web[at] We shall publish these online as a series to accompany the launch of the next issue.


Contribute to Soapbox Online

The website accepts submissions all year round of a variety of formats. We look for engaging, original writing on a variety of cultural topics, written in a readable form that doesn’t require prior knowledge of a field or specialist vocabulary. But we also encourage creative pieces, multimedia works and experimental submissions. Additionally, we are very interested in showcasing suitable projects from coursework or independent research – the website looks to develop ideas explored in traditional academic writing, in order to apply them to more approachable forms and styles, and to engage a wider audience.

If you are interested in publishing with us, please email web[at]soapboxjournal[dot]com with a pitch and/or a sample of your proposed submission, under 500 words.

We also publish features categorised within running themes on the website. Our first theme is ‘Research/Practice’, which explores the intersection between traditional or written forms of academic (and other) research and ‘practical’ applications: artistic research, creative projects, video essays, etc., but also work that problematises or rethinks this apparent opposition. Also, we are looking for content that coincides with the theme of our upcoming first issue: ‘Practices of Listening’. As an introduction to that theme, and for some possible approaches, please read our call for papers.

Submission Guidelines

There are no strict requirements for submissions, although we favour content that is relatively short-form (1,000 words or less).

All submissions are also subject to a thorough editing process, in which members of our web team review and suggest changes together with authors. If you have an academic article that you are interested in adapting for the website, our team will help you to develop this into an appropriate length and more outward-facing style – please do not send full-length academic papers.