Although Soapbox otherwise publishes content on a variety of topics, the themes below are designed to collect series of work on contemporary or newly relevant topics. If you would like to publish something based on one of these, or have any ideas for new themes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Research / Practice

In light of the increasing prevalence of creative and artistic research within the humanities, this theme gathers works that explore the intersection between (academic, written) research and (creative/artistic) practice – or otherwise question this distinction.

Thinking Through Things: Cultural Analysis students on exhibiting creative research
Lights, Camera, Investigation: A Roundtable Discussion on Research and/as Video-Making

Practices of Listening

To coincide with our first print issue of Soapbox in January 2019, we will be publishing a series of shorter essays, opinion pieces, creative works, art and multimedia projects that interrogate different modes, conceptualisations and practices of listening. See also our call for papers.